Scuba Diving in Aragathaa Faru

Location: Southeast of Hadahaa

Located in the Southeast of Hadahaa, Araigathaa Faru is one of the top diving sites in Southeast Hadahaa. In addition, four diving sites can be found in the area. Explore Araigathaa Faru and four other nearby sites, like Bondu Giri , Keyolhu Faru, Kuda Thila or Hulaa Thila, for an unforgettable experience.

A long reef, approximately 100 meters from tip to tip, located in front of Araigathaa Island.

Coral life: Strong and healthy corals life can be seen.

Marine life: Mostly small fish like bait fish and glass fish, nudibranch and many more.

Dive technique: There is no specific technique, however, it can be advised to jump in down current and simply drift along the outside to ensure a nice easy dive.

Experience level: Any level
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