Scuba Diving in Dhiyadhoo Out

Location: East of Hadahaa

Located in the East of Hadahaa, Dhiyadhoo Out is one of the top diving sites in East Hadahaa. In addition, four diving sites can be found in the area. Explore Dhiyadhoo Out and four other nearby sites, like Dhiyadhoo Corner, Dhiyadhoo Thila, Kondey Kandu or Kondey Corner, for an unforgettable experience.

Outside reef of Dhiyadhoo Island and lots of nice overhangs can be seen in between 10 meters to 30 meters.

Coral life: Healthy hard corals can be seen on the top reef

Marine life: Lot of turtles, both hawksbill and green turtles can been seen swimming away from the reef and large schools of jacks, snappers, rainbow runners, skip jack tuna, surgeon fish and fusiliers are commonly seen in the blue.

Dive technique: Recommend to dive with the current having right hand shoulder to the reef toward Maareha with average depth of 15 – 20 meters by visiting overhangs.

Experience level: Any level
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