Scuba Diving in Gaddu Kandu

Location: South of Hadahaa

Down south at tip of the atoll, this Kandu is at the exit of Huvadhoo Atoll towards the southern islands and equator. A fairly large channel famous for manta rays and green turtles.

Coral life: Healthy boulder corals can be seen from the top reef.

Marine life: Mostly famous for green turtles as Gaddoo is an island turtles go to nest. This area sometimes can be surprising and is possible to see bigger pelagic like manta and whale sharks.

Dive technique: Recommended to dive during incoming current as the not much activities happen during outgoing current. During an incoming current, jump to the blue, outside the reef and drift inside to the corner where you can hook up and see the activities on the edge of the reef.

Experience level: Advanced and Nitrox recommended.
Diving Map


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