Scuba Diving in Gemanafushi Canyon

Location: Southeast of Hadahaa, Outside of Gemanafushi

Located in the Southeast of Hadahaa, Gemanafushi Canyon is one of the top diving sites in Southeast Hadahaa. In addition, threediving sites can be found in the area. Explore Gemanafushi Canyon and four other nearby sites, like Gemanafushi Corner, Maarehaa Kandu ,Kondey Kandu and Kondey Corner for an unforgettable experience.

Outer reef of Gemanafushi with a patch cuts in. The top reef starts from 2-3 meters and drops to 16 – 20 meters at the first part then at another stage from 16 – 30 meters and below.

Coral life: Good healthy hard corals can been seen in the shallows.

Marine life: Famous place to see the grey reef sharks activity, turtles, school of jacks and rays. In an overhang at the top reef, around 10 meters, possible to see nurse sharks, sting rays and many more.

Dive technique: Depending on the current, right on the top of the site, first descend to around 16 – 20 meters and then proceed with the current afterwards.

Experience level: Experienced divers
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