Scuba Diving in Gemanafushi Corner

Location: Southeast of Hadahaa, Outside of Gemanafushi

The top of the reef starts from 3 – 5 meters with the outer reef edge lining a wide channel. The reef crest drops into a vertical wall from 8 -1500+ meters. There are a few small over hangs around 8 – 10 meters deep on the outside of the reef with an amazing structure.

Coral life: Extremely healthy

Marine life: Commonly sighted are white tip reef sharks, both hawksbill and green turtles, eagle rays, Napoleon wrasse, big-eye trevallies, barracudas, large schools of fusiliers and sometimes grey reef sharks. Eels, shrimps, lobsters, and nudibranchs are often seen as well.

Dive technique: Depending on the current, there are various methods of diving here. When the current is incoming, descend in the blue staying stationery at the channel edge and slowly drift inside the channel, or descend just outside the reef and drift into channel. When current is outgoing, the best method is to jump inside the channel and drift to the edge continuing along the outside of the reef.

Experience level: Experienced divers
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