Singing Bowl Therapy

Replace the chaotic noise of everyday life with the gentle, soothing tones of the singing bowls, long used in sound therapy over thousands of years.​

Guests are introduced to pranayanam breathing exercises and relaxation techniques in preparation for the full-bodied and transcendary tones and vibrations of multiple singing bowls, each emitting its own precise sound and frequency.​

Embrace rich and lilting tones as you feel their uplifting effects and homeostatic benefits for a real sense of tranquility, enjoyed by guests who seek this exact sense of calm and harmony.


For more information and reservations for these memorable curated experiences in Maldives, kindly connect with our concierge during your stay for the most up to date information. Planning ahead? Simply send us an email to or call +960 682 1234 and we will be happy to assist.

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