Exhilarating Tiger Shark Dives in Maldives

The Tiger Shark Dive is one of the most exciting and rewarding dives a person can experience at least once in their lifetime. Known as the most feared ocean creature, sharks immense size makes them a powerful, majestic encounter to behold.

Dive with us at Fuvahmulah, where the island’s unique location makes this one of the best diving destinations in the world boasting of an abundance schools of sharks seen all year round.

This excursion is recommended for divers who have advanced certification, however open water and non-certified divers are also welcome to join the trip if they meet the basic requirements. Non-certified divers must complete the Discover Scuba Diving programme before joining the trip, and certified divers must undergo an orientation dive. Both courses must be taken in the resort’s house reef with the resort’s certified instructors.

Scheduled once per week, every Tuesday or Thursday, depending on availability.


For more information and reservations for these memorable curated experiences in Maldives, kindly connect with our concierge during your stay for the most up to date information. Planning ahead? Simply send us an email to maldives.parkhadahaa@hyatt.com or call +960 682 1234 and we will be happy to assist.

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