Scuba Diving in Park Hyatt Maldives House Reef

Location: Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa

A varied and abundant marine haven. Visit towering coral reef cities structured like luxury apartments for a kaleidoscope of reef fish, observe graceful shoals of fish as they dance in the sunlight or watch Clown Fish nestle in the secure fingers of magnificient anemones.

Coral life: Healthy coral with plenty of boulder, branching and table corals. Minimum soft corals in the house reef.

Marine life: Commonly sighted are schools of glass fish, fusiliers and bait fish. Shrimps, nudibranch and scorpion fish can be spotted during night dives. Occasionally sightings of octopus, black and white tip reef sharks, eagle rays and dolphins.

Dive technique: Dive starts from the jetty. begin the dive into the current – going against the current and end the dive by following the current back to the jetty..

Experience level: Any level
Diving Map


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