Scuba Diving in Vodamulaa Kandu

Location: North East of Hadahaa

This channel is an exceptionally beautiful dive site during incoming current with possibility of seeing whale sharks.

Coral life: Lots of healthy boulder corals inside the channel.

Marine life: Commonly sighted are white tip reef sharks, green turtles, eagle rays, Napoleon wrasse, big-eye trevallies, tuna, barracudas, large schools of fusiliers and grey reef sharks. Nurse sharks and leopard sharks are seen inside the channel under boulder corals.

Dive technique: To dive in the dive site you must have experience because during an incoming strong current, rip current exist at this site which makes the divers disoriented very easily. Also drifting inside the channel with the strong current one must always stay near to the house reef as you may get drifted far from the reef.

Experience level: Experience divers
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