Scuba Diving in Kalhu Bodu Thila

Location: South West of Hadahaa

A very old, submerged reef ranging from 8 –30+ meters with several over hangs, ridges and a swim-through.

Coral life: Very healthy soft corals and sea fans. Also a lot of black corals, color changing corals and massive boulder corals.

Marine life: This site is a nursery for juvenile reef fish. Schools of glass fish, jacks, snappers, rainbow runners, skip-jack tuna, surgeon fish, fusiliers, white tip and black tip reef sharks, dog-tooth tuna, eagle rays, moray eels, feather-tail sting rays, and one resident hawksbill turtle are common sights. Also nudibranchs, scorpion fish, juvenile grey reef sharks and anemones are plentiful on the top of the reef.

Dive technique: No special technique; this is a nice, easy dive.

Experience level: Any level.
Diving Map


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